Current work and what's planned

Current work

Jan has illustrated and written many books throughout his life. Below you can find the latest of the illustrated books:

Jan has created many exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and also in the Czech Republic. His last exhibition was created in cooperation with the National Museum in Prague and his company was part of the creation of exhibitions on paleontology and zoology.

Jan has also cooperated with TV and worked within film production. Some of the projects which he worked on:

The latest awards:

What is going on now:

Jan is working on the fourth book of the adventures of Věnceslav Brábek.

In cooperation with Brabek Film Production s.r.o. and Czech Television CT1 a documentary film about the work and life of Jan Sovák is being made.

At the same time, negotiations are underway with Czech Television for a feature film on Brábek theme.

A series of articles about dinosaurs has been created for ABC periodical in cooperation with V. Socha.

There is a work in progress with Phil Currie, on a book about Mongolian Cretaceous dinosaurs .

Jan works with ALBI Czech republic a.s. on a game and book about dinosaurs for the small kids.

A new book is being created with the publishing house Dobrovský about the peculiarities of the life of dinosaurs.

Jan collaborates on the new exhibitions of the Nature House near the Koneprusy caves.

Jan should soon be involved in the creation of an exhibition for the Barbora smelter.